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4th Inspection of Iwate Affected Area & Homestay Exchange (2020 Jan.)

Under the full cooperation of Tanohata & Fudai Villages in Iwate Prefecture, the Association for International Youth Exchanges will carry out this year again, the inspection of the affected areas of the Great East Japan earthquake and interaction of foreign students with the local Japanese people.
About 9 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. The Tanohata & Fudai villages of Iwate Prefecture were damaged by the earthquake disaster and is currently in the process of reconstruction. This project was planned to have as many people know the reality of the disaster and see the current situation. Not only the inspection of the affected areas, but we would like you to interact with the local people through home stay and various fun activities, and to experience Japanese life and culture.
The event will run by funds from Tanohata & Fudai Villages, so participant can have a valuable experience with the minimum participation fee. We look forward to participants who would like to actively interact with the local Japanese people!

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Take a look at what “Inspection of Iwate Affected Area & Homestay Exchange” is!

  • The purpose is to interact with the people of Tanohata & Fudai villages in Iwate through various exchange events and homestay.
  • This event mainly runs by funds from Tanohata & Fudai Villages, so the participant fee is minimal.
  • During the inspection of the affected area, a local guide will explain to you in detail.
  • Lot’s of fun activities!
    ★Exchange Party: Interact with the local people and enjoy meals together. A traditional cultural performance “Omiya Kagura” will also be demonstrated!
    ★Early morning Kitayamazaki cliff tour: A dynamic coastal cliff is overlooked from a height of 200 meters. It received the highest rating in the “natural resource: coast” category of National Tourist Resource Evaluation by the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation. If the weather is good, you will be able to see the beautiful sunrise.
    ★Experience seaweed "wakame" fishing tour: Go offshore by boat and tour the seaweed "wakame" fishery, one of the representative industries of Tanohata and Fudaimura. If you have seasickness, let us know!
    ★Sappa boat cruise: Refreshing cruise in the Sappa boat (small fishing boat) operated by local fishermen. Viewing the 200m cliff from directly below is awesome! (According to the weather, it may change to a cruise on a cruise ship)
    ★Experience taking shiitake mushrooms: Visit the famous Shiitake factory in Tanohata Village. After the tour, you will actually experience shiitake harvest.
    ★Seaweed(Wakame) & Seafood hot pot party: You can only experience here, fresh and vigorous lunch unique to fishermen. An exquisite seafood and seaweed shabu-shabu that can only be eaten here! Local mothers will cook for you in the kitchen.
    ★Japanese daily life & cultural experience: Experience daily life and local culture in each host family house.
    ※Please note that the activities may partially change due to weather or other reasons.
  • The accommodation on the first day is hotel Ragaso.The hotel boasts overlooking the sea.
  • The second night is homestay! Let's actively interact with the family and help out with housework chores! (2 to 3 people will be accepted per host family)
  • Transportation: Round trip will be on the Tohoku-Shinkansen and a chartered bus in Iwate.



1/18 Sat. 7:00am Gather at Tokyo Station

7:36am Tokyo (Shinkansen Hayabusa 3) === Morioka(Chartered Bus)=== Tanohata

12:40pm~ Lunch

1:30pm~ Welcome ceremony (Shimanokoshi Station)

1:45pm~ Observation of areas affected by the earthquake (Guide explanation)

5:00pm Check in to the Hotel (Hotel Ragaso)

6:00pm~ Exchange Party with Local People & Appreciating “Omiya Kagura”
1/19 Sun. 5:00am get out of bed

6:00am~ Visit to Kitayamazaki Observatory (Catch the sunrise)

7:30am~ Breakfast

9:00am~ Visiting the shiitake mushroom factory & experience taking shiitake mushrooms

10:30am~ Experience wakame fishing tour & getting on small fishing boat

12:00am~ Lunch (Wakame & Seafood hot pot)

1:30pm~ Meet host families

2:00pm~ Experience Japanese daily life in each host family house

4:30pm~ Help out making dinner

6:00pm~ Dinner, interact with host family             
1/20 Mon. 7:00am~ Make breakfast with host family

8:00am~ Breakfast and clean up

9:30am~ Experience Japanese daily life in each host family house

11:00am~ Farewell ceremony & Lunch

1:00pm Depart Tanohata (Chartered bus) === Morioka===(Shinkansen Hayabusa 28) === Tokyo (6:04pm)

※Please note that the schedule may partially change due to weather or other reasons.

<Note when applying>
The purpose of this program is for exchange students to interact with local people. Therefore, we ask for people who can actively interact with local people. If you are not good at speaking with others or not good at communicating with people, please refrain from participating.

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