About "Ski & Snowboard Event for International Students"

This is an event where students from overseas and young Japanese participate in. Come along and have fun through winter sports and parties and get to know people from various countries. Not just an unforgettable memory, but this is a great chance to make many friends! The “Cupid Valley” has not only great ski courses but the food, hot springs and accommodations are great! Come along and enjoy, both experienced skiers and beginners as well.
You will make friends quickly, so no worry about coming along alone.

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The event attractions!!

Most course layouts are designed for beginners to mid-level skiyers and snowboarders. Snow falls heavily in this area so you can enjoy deep powder snow. The ""POWDER WAVE"" is off groomed among trees. Rental ski corner offers a wide array of brands, which allows you to select your favorite makers. Enjoy ""Yukidaruma Onsen"" hot spring bath in the area after skiing! The bath is spacious and it is popular for skiers and snow boarders to heal themselves after a day on the slopes.

キューピットバレイコースガイド Course guide in English
  1. International exchange through ski & snowboard


    This is a great chance to become friends with students from other schools and students from all parts of the world studying in Japan. Local volunteer staff will also participate in this event.

  2. Fabulous ski resort


    The “Cupid Village” is a fabulous ski resort which complies of a center house, accommodation, hot springs and other fun facilities.

  3. Courses designed for both beginners and experienced skiers


    This is a paradise for both experienced and beginners. You can enjoy 9 courses including a 4km long course. Snow falls heavily in this area so you can enjoy deep powder snow.

  4. No worries for beginners!


    Ski lessons will be provided for beginners by SAJ authorized Cupid Valley Ski School instructors.

  5. No limits on using the lifts and gondolas!


    Use the gondola connecting the center house and top of the course and the 5 lifts as much as you want throughout the 3 days. (excluding night ski)

  6. Dinner and breakfast is all you can eat buffet.


    We offer natural-style buffet meals featuring local ingredients.

  7. Accommodation is a beautiful log house


    "Cupid Village" is a resort hotel composed of authentic log house cottages, imported directly from Canada. These cottages feature a laid-back atmosphere, embraced by the warmth of breathable wood.

  8. Exciting International Party


    Don’t forget to participate in the “International Exchange Party”! Enjoy the food, beer and alcohol (soft drink for underage please…) and get to know each other! Local people will also participate!

  9. Enjoy hot springs in a snowy landscape


    Hot Spring "Yuki No Yu". A spacious hot spring with an outdoor bath.

  10. Experience Rice Cake Making & Sushi Cooking


    Experience Japanese cooking culture by participate in making “rice cake & sushi”!

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