Questions about Ski & Snowboard Event
How is the ski resort and Cupid Village like?
Both beginners and experienced skiers can enjoy the ski courses which include a 400 meter course. You can use the shuttle bus to In the ski resort, there
What we need to bring?
Please refer to “Requirements & Fee
I have never done ski or snowboard. Can people like me participate?
Professional instructors will teach you on the first day, so no worries.
I am an experienced (mid level) skier. Can I take lessons?
Ski (snowboard) lessons are basically for beginners, so mid-level / experienced skiers are on their own from the first day onward.
How many people are accommodated in one room at Cupid Village?
5 to 7 people. The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable.
Is there a shower booth in the room?
Each room has a shower and bath in the room.
I can not eat meat due to religious reasons…
The meals are buffet style, so you can choose what you can eat.
When do I pay for the rental equipment?
We will collect before dinner on the first day of the event.
Can I make changes in the rental equipment?
Yes you can. Please let us know as soon as possible.
What should I do if the rental equipment do not fit?
Please inform the staff or ski resort staff and we will exchange immediately.
Can I rent both ski and snowboard equipment?
No you can not. Please select either one.
What is the dress code for the International Exchange Party?
Dress code is casual. However, local volunteer staff & instructors will also join, so no pajamas or yukata (bathrobe).
When should I register for the Japanese cooking culture event?
Please inform the organizer staff by second day lunch time.
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